Holidays, Gallery News and More

It’s officially been a year since I joined the Three Rivers Artist Guild. I love the community of people in the guild and love taking an active role promoting art in my little town of Oregon City.

The holidays were insanely busy. I took part in my first two holiday shows – one at Lake Oswego High School and the other was the Holiday Show associated with the art guild. Leading up to the shows I worked like mad to create earrings, necklaces, coasters, wine charms, key chains, stitch markers and magnets. My hottest sellers were coasters and earrings. I couldn’t believe how popular the coasters were! It brings me such great joy to know people are enjoying little pieces of my art. Even if they’re putting hot beverages on top of it.

In January I officially became the Co-Chair of our little gallery. If you’re ever in Oregon City you should come see it. We reside inside Singer Hill Cafe, home of the amazing Ham, Havarti & Pear sandwich. They should just call it The Melissa. I order it a LOT when I’m working.

I’ve also started a new day job, so I kind of feel like I started two  new jobs at once. It’s been just a touch overwhelming but also quite exciting. I have an amazing group of people around me at my new job and also at the gallery, in addition to my amazing friends who are super supportive and encouraging. I’m so blessed!

Cheers, friends!


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