First Day Working the Gallery

I worked in the gallery for the first time this weekend. I was there with John ( and Carrie ( John is the President of the Three Rivers Artist Guild and Carrie is the Co-Chair of the gallery. So I couldn’t have been there with anyone more knowledgeable than this couple. We had a few sales so I was able to ring up a few customers, which was nice. And I really enjoyed getting to know these wonderful people. I really do love the folks in the guild. They’re all so nice and welcoming.

Last week when I took in my jewelry, my earring cards were set up to be upright instead of hanging, so I needed to modify them. In between customers and training I was able to create new cards and get everything transferred over. Here’s how it looked…

File May 08, 10 16 22 AM.jpeg
Photo earrings by Melissa Joy Sleasman

And this is how the necklaces ended up looking on display.

IMG_0807 (Edited).JPG
Photo necklaces by Melissa Joy Sleasman

I put together an example of one of the more abstract pendants to show the Original Print Image and the Jewelry Image. Both are currently on display at Three Rivers Gallery & Gifts. Here is Calla Curves.

Calla Curves.JPG
Calla Curves by Melissa Joy Sleasman – Original and Jewelry crops

That’s all for today. Enjoy the sunshine if it’s around in your area. We’ve had a few days of it so I’m super happy!

Cheers, friends!

~Melissa Joy Sleasman

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