Art IN

I took in about 100 pieces today to the Three Rivers Art Gallery. I took in 6 framed pieces for hanging, 24 matted prints, 20 photo greeting cards, and my jewelry! I ran into a snafu with the earring cards. I didn’t realize they needed to be able to hang and I had made them as tent cards to stand upright on their own. So most of the earrings are not yet on display. I will get some card adapters to put on the back so that I can hang them up and then we’ll be all set.

This is what the jewelry ended up looking like for display. I’ll take a picture of it in the case when I’m there next, but for now, here they are in process. I really love the black and white. It’s simple and clean looking and actually more eye-catching than I realized it would be. I gotta say – I really like how they turned out!


I work in the gallery for the first time next Saturday. Then we have the Artist Reception on Sunday, May 7. Stop by and say hi!!!


In other news, I finally got to see some chimney swifts yesterday. They flew round and round and over the course of about a half hour, they all eventually descended into a chimney downtown Oregon City. It was a beautiful and fascinating sight.

That’s all for tonight. Cheers, friends!

~Melissa Joy

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