First Finished Jewelry

I’m having a little too much fun making my photos into jewelry. At the same time, I’m probably a little too critical of mistakes. But aren’t we all that way with our own creations? “Flaws” we would never find in someone else’s work, are the only thing we see in our own. I could write about that for a while but it’s not really the point of this post, so I’ll move on.

Pendants. I’m getting the hang of the resin. Here’s my setup from Saturday. I love using the cupcake liners. The resin peels right off of the silicone if I accidentally spill. And for earrings, they poke right through without an issue. Using the silicone was my mom’s idea. She’s brilliant!IMG_0665

I’ve decided I might not be a fan of the larger pendants. I don’t know. I’m open to input if you read this and have an opinion. Here I’m wearing a 16mm pendant with my image To the Point and I love the size of it. Here’s it’s shown with this moonstone necklace I got from Noonday. I don’t love the images from the front-facing camera on my phone but right now this is all I have to offer you as far as modeled pictures of the product goes.

IMG_0669 (Edited)

Here’s one of the pendants not being worn. This one is an image of double cherry blossom petals. It’s a little more abstract but I like it a lot. It’s very delicate.


I have a variety of sizes and images that I’m playing around with. If you’re looking for a unique gift, these pendants/necklaces would fit the bill. I’m working on earrings, too. I can make a custom necklace, also, if you’re looking for something specific. They’re super fun!

Happy Monday, all. Cheers!

~ Melissa Joy


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