Photo Jewelry

I’ve been working on perfecting the process of making jewelry out of my photographs. It’s been a little bit frustrating but mostly fun. I’ve wanted to do this for a while but hadn’t had a great reason to pursue it until now. But now…I have a deadline. I committed to submitting my photo jewelry into a gallery starting April 30. Sooooo…off I went trying to get it right. But it includes using resin. And shipments from Etsy vendors. And finding just the right vendor to print jewelry quality photos. But I think I’ve got it! And I’m super excited to see how it all comes together. I’ve been working on the pieces in pieces. So I don’t have a final product yet. Not even one. Partially because I’ve been hesitant to actually use the higher quality bezel trays until I get all the bubbles out of the resin. Partially because I had a limited number of prints that were on the paper I really liked. And partially because the temperatures and conditions of the work space have to be JUST RIGHT or these things don’t set up properly.

This weekend won’t be available but I’m hoping that next weekend I’ll be producing final products with two weeks to spare…just in case something goes awry. So stay tuned…I’m excited to share these items with you!

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